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Computer Programming Degrees Ideal For Women

Computer Programming Degrees Ideal For Women

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Computer programming degrees have come a long way in the last two decades. The typical image of a geek with thick glasses and a pocket protector hunched over a computer keyboard has faded in the wake of the incredible boom in computer programming careers. Today’s programmers can be successful members of cutting edge teams, independent contractors setting their own hours and executives developing new code and languages that sell for millions of dollars to corporations. There is no longer anything typical about being a programmer, except that males still dominate the field. Over eighty percent of individuals with a computer programmer degree are still men.

It’s a shame that more women haven’t entered the field, but in the last few years this has begun to change. This is a good sign for the industry and for women. The industry can benefit a great deal from the unique perspectives of women, and women with computer programming degrees can have successful, high-paying careers that will take them places.

Why a Woman Should Get A Computer Programming Degree

Most young women don’t initially consider a computer degree when considering an occupation, but this is a mistake. These jobs have several things going for them that make them perfect for many women:

1: Most programming positions are in an office environment. It’s a professional job with few physical demands and, for the most part, regular hours.

2: There is flexibility for women with families. Many of today’s programmers work for themselves as independent contractors, so a woman can work full-time or part-time depending on her family’s needs.

3: The salary for programmers typically begins in the $40,000 range and can reach the six figures.

4: Colleges and universities are actively seeking women with computer programming degrees to add to their staff. This gives women another career option that also offers flexibility.

5: Women who become computer programmers usually excel in this field. One theory is that their tendency toward linguistic skills enables them to write cleaner, simpler code with fewer errors.

6: Social skills combined with computer programming skill translate to a quick move up the corporate ladder; female programmers may have an edge over men when it comes to “playing well with others.”

What’s Responsible for the Upswing?

Why are more women pursuing computer programming degrees after years of being obviously missing? It’s impossible to know, but one reason may be that the mystery surrounding this field has simply faded as the demand for talent has grown. The “old boys” network is no longer so entrenched in any professional area and programming is no exception.

Another theory is that the first generation of computer programmers (primarily men) now have children who are entering college. Many of these male programmers have daughters they may be encouraging. These women are more likely to follow in the footsteps of their parents, and a generation ago there weren’t a lot of role models in the fledgling industry for young girls.

Whatever the reasons, computer experts are happy to note that after a twenty-year reduction in the number of women in the profession, female enrollment in computer programming courses is on the upswing. They hope that more women will pursue computer programming degrees in the coming years.

ecommerce website design / professional ecommerce web design company in Australia

ecommerce website design / professional ecommerce web design company in Australia

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People use the internet to research products they are thinking of buying. The research process can take several weeks and they will visit a number of websites, bookmarking those that interest them, before making a purchase. Thus, you website needs an efficient ecommerce website design. A well designed ecommerce website is a means by which to sell products, with or without a physical shop front – from books to broccoli or bus tickets to banking.
An efficient ecommerce website design encourages the user to read what’s there and take actions based upon the information. Researchers have discovered that people read online text in a different way to offline text. So, it’s important to have your key message at the top and to make sure that you think carefully about any text that appears further down the page.
E-commerce Development is an indispensable part of modern marketing and business strategies. Besides supporting existing business, it opens up a new market of potential customers. Suncoast Internet paves the way for companies to the cyberspace market. A leading e-commerce development service provider, we have great expertise in ecommerce website design, Suncoast Internet’s ecommerce website design services cover the spectrum of marketing-driven creative design, website usability, database driven content and robust, scalable shopping cart solutions.
Suncoast Internet is a Sunshine Coast website design company that offers a wide range of Website Design solutions specializing in construction of quality websites for today’s challenging internet market. We specialize in custom web site design, web development, search engine optimization and ecommerce website design.
Suncoast Internet also offers a full range of website design services including custom web design from a simple web page to the complex internet solutions including content management systems, portals, ecommerce websites setup and SEO. Our web design team will hand over to you a fully functioning website that will enhances your business and improve customer awareness of your products and services.

BASIC: A Computer Programming Language

BASIC: A Computer Programming Language

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Computer programming has its own language, and that’s just the beginning of the software adventure. There are many different languages in computer programming, and all of them have their own purposes. In order to understand the importance of computer programming languages, knowing them, and tweaking them, one has to understand the importance of computer programming. Computer programming produces software packages, among other things, to meet our needs. We may need software for accounting, making photos bigger or smaller, or editing our home videos. Behind all these software packages are the computer programmers who use their individual languages in order to create the software.

One such computer programming language is the Beginner’s All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code, or BASIC. BASIC is actually composed of many different kinds of programming languages that are actually higher level than most other languages. This BASIC family of computer programming languages was first designed in the 1960’s, and was originally made for non-science people to gain better access to computers. During that time, using a computer required that a person write customized software, a task that only mathematicians and scientists were equipped to do. The BASIC language was therefore a bridge for people of other professions to take advantage of the power of computers.

When the 1970’s came, the BASIC language, whether in its original form or a variant of it, spread onto microcomputers; and by the 1980’s, even home computers could be run in BASIC. Today, BASIC remains popular, as it serves as the basis for many of the more modern programming languages that have been developed in the wake of advanced operating systems and the Internet.

When it was originally conceived, BASIC was meant for beginners: it was a language that people could use easily, whether or not they were educated in mathematics and the sciences. The language also had to be a general purpose one, in that it had to serve many different needs, and not only those that mathematicians and scientists required. The root language of BASIC also had to allow for advanced features to be plugged on as experts grew more and more adept in it, and as the language found further use in many other fields. BASIC was also meant to be interactive, and was designed to show error messages that were clear and friendly; that is, these error messages had to completely explain what the problem was, which would hopefully allow the user to fix it faster and easier.

When it was first released, moreover, BASIC was free of charge, which allowed the language to spread much faster. Once the language spread much faster, it was also easy to modify it and correct errors. BASIC was also distributed to a few high schools in order to promote it faster. Thanks to this widespread use of the language, BASIC was soon implemented on several microcomputers, and by several software manufacturers.

Despite its success, BASIC has had its dissenters. For instance, some programmers find that its scripts do not show proper programming practices, and the language itself is too slow, or sometimes even too simple. Despite all these, however, BASIC has continued to thrive, succeed, and evolve, and has thus become a good tool to introduce beginner programmers to the concept of coding and computer programming.

These are only a few facts about the BASIC language. For more information on BASIC, read and do your own research through several key pages online, or using computer programming books.

What You Should Know About a Computer Programming Career

What You Should Know About a Computer Programming Career

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Computer programming is one of the most important and exciting careers today. It is also a field that offers plenty of job opportunities for graduates. It’s one of the best fields of endeavor for people who love technology and are willing to try out new things. If you’re considering pursuing a computer programming career, here are some things that you should know:

What is computer programming?
Computer programming is basically the process of writing codes to create a computer program. A programming language is used to write this code, also known as the source code. Computer programming is actually an umbrella term that encompasses all types of programming involving the use of computers. The design and method utilized to write a source code will depend on the type of computer language used for the job. Some of the most common computer languages include BASIC, COBOL, FORTRAN, C++, Java, Visual Basic, Python and PHP.

The job of computer programming also includes testing the source code, debugging it to check for flaws and weaknesses and maintaining it to ensure optimum performance.

Creating the code
The soul of computer programming is the creation of the source code, which can either be brand new or something created to modify or improve upon an already existing code. The object of the source code is to build a program that will perform a particular series of tasks based on a specific set of commands. This is called customization.

The end result of writing the source code is a computer program. In software engineering, computer programming is an important initial phase.

What does a computer programmer do?
The main job of a computer programmer is to write the codes that serve as the foundation of software programs. He is also tasked to test, troubleshoot, debug and maintain the program to ensure its quality and reliability.

Generally, the tasks that a computer programmer must perform are assigned by another person, usually the system analyst. The computer programmer’s job is then to write the program, test it, modify it if necessary and ensure that it passes compatibility and quality standards. If errors are found, it is the computer programmer’s job to ensure that they are corrected.

The job of a computer programmer usually requires hours upon hours spent in front of a computer to design and write a computer program. Depending on the type of program being written, its purpose and the complexity of the commands required in order for a computer to execute the series of steps involved, writing a program can take several months to several years to complete.

The length of time it often takes for a program to be completed often necessitates having a single program broken down into a smaller series of steps. These steps will then be assigned as tasks to a group of programmers who will work on them independently. The final step is to put the end results and produce one coherent and useful computer program.

Computer programming is a very dynamic field and involves plenty of imagination and discipline. Although there are set standards for the tasks involved, the profession itself does not require certification tests from government agencies. There are also no state and federal licenses to obtain.

How much does a computer programming job pay?
That will depend on the experience and level of expertise of the programmer. Most entry level programmers earn a minimum of about $33,000 a year while mid-level programmers earn approximately $50,000 a year. For senior level programmers and those who have several years of experience behind them, their typical take-home pay averages at about $65,000 a year. Consultants, some managers and those who have advanced well in their computer programming career are often paid more.

How to Make a Web Site of Your Own?

How to Make a Web Site of Your Own?

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Now a day the business is not only restricted within one area. Because of today is on demand of online internet market. If you are interested in business you acquire an online market. The website you have is online shop. Before you launch a new product in the market, you require updating it with a new content on your website.

There are many templates online to create your page. You can use free HTML templates and fill the content you want to in. Also many free java scripts, images, web programming codes and other graphics are available on the internet. You can buy a domain from the hosting company or temporary go for free domain.

Now you can start simple design pages using Dream Weaver after downloading templates into your PC and also you can make basic contact or inquiry Form using downloading script for developing page. Once you have upload pages on your server. Go for instruction which is given by hosting company to you. So these are the main and easy step to build a website. But if you have need more advance web programming details then better way is to learn about course like PHP or ASP.NET.

We are defining here two standard web programming language PHP (Hyper text processor) and ASP (Active Server Page) for Website Programming Development. Basically it is database driven web programming languages. Whenever you require huge data connectivity and extra features PHP and ASP are useful. ASP.NET is such type of programming language which providing by Microsoft Product Technology. On other hand PHP is an open source programming language which is derived from many of various languages.

To develop dynamic database oriented websites these both programming languages are used. Microsoft Product mostly comfortable with Active Server Pages (ASP) and is also used IIS Server (Internet Information Server) to run asp application. But PHP can connect with different types of databases and so it is platform independent programming language.
Both web programming languages PHP and ASP are used to develop dynamic database oriented websites. Active Server Pages (ASP) is normally from Microsoft and is used only with Internet Information Server (IIS) that runs on Microsoft Servers also. But on the other hand you can say PHP is platform independent web programming languages and can connect with several kinds of databases.

And the last if possible, with some optimization to your website for top ranking on the search engines so people can reach you as fast as you aspect. Finally we hope that this article will help you to understand of basic idea of how to make simple web site it’s your own way.

Computer Programming Courses in New York City

Computer Programming Courses in New York City

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Although New York City is more famous for its museums, parks, theaters and businesses, it is also a great location for schools offering computer programming courses.
New York has always been pioneering in many ways and it offers plenty of opportunities for highly in-demand courses related to computer science. Here are some resources that can help you look for computer programming courses in New York City:

New York University
NYU is a recognized leader in the field of education and is acknowledged as one of the top universities in the U.S. It is an excellent institution for many fields of study in academia but it also has a solid curriculum offering courses in computer programming.

To find out about the type of courses the school offers, go to their website ( and look for their current course list. The link will bring you to their computer science department page. The course list will outline the courses offered for a particular semester so you will have an idea of which course to take.

Computer-Schools is a website that lists schools anywhere in the United States. The site lets you look for the physical locations of schools or if you prefer, you can search for schools offering online courses. The site lists a good number of computer programming schools you can check out. To look for courses, you can click on the links for more detailed information.

Education-Portal is another website that lists schools in New York offering courses in computer programming. You can click on the link to the schools to find more information about specific subjects and courses you might be interested in. The site also offers information about schools offering computer programming courses that lead to certification, perfect if you want to build a serious career in this field.

New York Institute of Technology
The NYIT in Old Westbury offers courses in computer programming. You can check out their site ( or send an e-mail to inquire about admissions requirements at

FutureKids is an excellent provider of courses in computer programming, especially for younger participants. Some of their offerings include C/C++, HTML, XHTML, Visual Basic and Computer Graphics, among others. If you want children to develop an early interest in a career involving computers, this is a good place to start.

Columbia University
Columbia University’s Department of Computer Science is an excellent source for information about computer programming courses. It also offers courses in related fields such as software engineering, networking and web development.

Berkeley College
Berkeley has a New York City campus which offers some excellent courses in computer programming. You can check out their site at or send them an e-mail at Other courses include web design, software engineering and networking.

NetCom Information Technology
NetCom Info has a wide range of choices for computer programming courses. It is currently recognized as a top training center in New York. It offers over 250 computer-related courses and about 40 certification programs. The center is a partner to several IT companies and has key relationships with many large corporations. It is also an authorized provider of training by companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Linux and Novell, among others.

NetCom is one of the best places to obtain computer programming courses in New York City. If the type and quality of computer programming courses from this center does not attract you, its address will – it’s located at the 7th floor of the Empire State Building.

Starting An Ecommerce Business

Starting An Ecommerce Business

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The concept of e-commerce is fast becoming a huge advantage for both the vendor and consumer in today’s fast moving and wired world.

For many businesses, e-commerce is fast becoming the only option, as companies become more and more driven to expand their company operations online.

Additionally E-commerce has several benefits and advantages not found in your typical brick and mortar location, and therefore, explains why so many businesses are flocking to get online.

E-commerce offers the ability to expand into global markets with a minimum of expense, and allow firms to reach narrow market segments that are geographically scattered.

Since the Internet is a very cost effective medium of delivery, the biggest advantage of online ecommerce is its cost efficiency. And here’s why: Ecommerce decreases the cost of creating, processing, distributing, storing and retrieving paper-based information.

High mailing and printing costs are also lowered or, in many cases, completely eliminated as the buyer most often pays for the shipping of the products that they buy.

The cost of marketing of promotional material also drops dramatically, meaning that most companies see is the increase in sales e-commerce brings, and increased sales typically mean increased profits as well.

Still another advantage of moving your business online is that it allows you the flexibility to target market segmentation, which in turn allows companies to focus on a select group of customers, thus having a competitive advantage in giving them what they want and satisfying unique needs.

This benefit ties in with the advantage of ‘customer customization,” in which the concept of ‘built-to-order’, allowing for inexpensive customization of products and services and provides a competitive advantage for companies who adapt this strategy.

Doing business online also has the advantage of removing barriers of global trading due to the fact that the Internet is a zero-cost delivery channel, and thus, many products and services, which are generally delivered as a physical object or service, are now delivered virtually in the form of data. This removes barriers such as time, distance and of course cost.

E-commerce marketing also allow for real-time communications and the interchange of data in the supply chain, making the supply chain more effective.

By having better visibility across the supply chain, company inventory levels can be reduced, as supplies are more predictable. With lower inventory levels, costs can once again be automatically be decreased.

Lastly, this sort of ecommerce also allows information to flow freely between cooperating businesses, making it easier and simpler for organizations to share information.

The cost savings and efficiencies from sharing and economies of scale can have a profound effect on the profitability of any online business. As a result this has lead to the development of collaborative working practices around the world, as collaborating businesses manage, share, and enhance project work regardless of location.

It is important to consider, however, that buyers or customers also benefit from doing their buying online. As sales opportunities expand for the vendor, they also increase the buying opportunities and power for the buyer. It’s a win / win for all involved.

Many buyers choose to shop online as it provides them with an almost unlimited variety of choices from many different products and services from a wider variety of sellers.

Consumers also benefit from less expensive products and services as e-commerce allows customers to shop the convenience to shop from any location and at any given time of the day.

The Growing Trend Of A Computer Programming Degree

The Growing Trend Of A Computer Programming Degree

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Computers and the Internet have streamlined their way into the homes of people all over the world. Currently, more than three-quarters of homes in the United States have a computer. The abundance of computers all over the nation provides numerous career opportunities and degree programs associated with technology. One program that has become more and more popular since the boom of the computer is a computer programming degree. Gaining a degree in this program offers benefits such as being able to work from home and job security, which is an important benefit in any career field.

In 2006, CNN Money named software engineers as the number one job in the United States. The reason why software engineering is a huge career field is due to the fact that practically every part of the business world is in need of software engineers. From financial establishments to institutions of higher education, many organizations house their own Information Technology department raising the need for individuals who are knowledgeable in computer programming.

Computer programming goes far beyond the basics of normal computer programs. Knowledge in math and problem solving are key elements to being a successful computer programmer, along with more advanced and intricate computer skills. These skills are enforced through a series of classes and course work that emphasizes the importance of problem solving and math in the technology world. These skills are important due in part to the fact that in computer programming, there is no set of guidelines to follow when trying to correct a problem. Therefore, computer programs are required to analytically evaluate a situation to come up with the best possible solution to fixing the problem. Receiving a computer programming degree will give students these important skills to become successful software engineers and computer programmers.

There are many different sides to computer programming, such as Internet applications, databases and networks that students must learn while receiving a computer programming degree. Through course work, students will learn to design and implement popular web applications, such as Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Visual C# and Java. Students will also learn analyzing, designing, building and implementing database-driven websites. Knowledge in these subject fields, along with analytical and mathematical skills combine to give students the experience and confidence they need to be successful in the computer programming world.

Along with the technical aspect of this career field, a computer programming degree also offers course work in different areas. These courses include education, communications and science among other areas of interest. Course work associated with a degree in computer programming offers the foundation for a well-rounded education. Not only will students be well versed in designing computer programs and following them through to implementation, but they will also learn to clearly communicate with their colleagues and explore different career fields made possible by a degree in computer programming.

Along with obtaining a computer programming degree, students following a computer programming curriculum will be given the tools necessary to complete required exams. These exams include becoming a Microsoft Certified Professional as well as a Microsoft Certified Application Developer. Successfully completing these exams opens a door for an endless amount of career opportunities upon completion of the degree. If an individual is interested in the Internet, website development may be the perfect job. On the other hand, if a student is more of an individual and interested in creating a computer program from scratch they would find working as a program developer more fascinating. There are endless possibilities once an individual receives their degree, and whatever their passion may be, there is a job out there for everyone.

Where to Get Computer Programming Training

Where to Get Computer Programming Training

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Computer programmers are professionals who are in demand these days. This is because of the fact that everything is on the stage of being converted into digital. Not too soon, there won’t be analog systems anymore. All systems would be created according to the digital generation.

Right now, there are different schools and institutions providing training for computer programming. You can enroll to either offline or online schools, depending upon your time availability. For those who recently get off from high school and would like to pursue a career in computer programming, they can inquire from the different schools, colleges, and universities around them. These institutions are surely offering programming courses.

However, for those who are currently holding down a job and would just like to learn computer programming as a hobby, they can enroll in an online school that follows a distance education setup. They are free to catch up on their lessons during their free time, whenever they are, provided they have a laptop with an internet access.

Here are the different schools where you can take training courses on computer programming:

1. Collins College
Collins College is located in Arizona. It is previously known as the Al Collins Graphic Design School. Right now, the school follows emphasized programs for visual communications through graphic design, computer animation, and digital video. They also offer e-commerce programming.

2. Brown College
Brow College’s main institution is in Minnesota. However, they are accepting enrollees from various locations. They are implementing quality programs in computer programming. The school employs competent faculty members that implement them.

3. International Academy of Design and Technology
This career-oriented institution is dedicated in providing academic excellence to their students. Computer programming is not a very easy course. But this school is one of the few that tries to find a way to make the learning process more fun and rewarding.

4. American Inter Continental University
The school offers different degrees related to business, industrial, and government career paths. And all of their graduates have adequate computer programming units to back them up. There are also Master’s Degree and Associate’s Degree programs being offered, on top of the school’s Bachelor’s Degrees.

5. ITT Technical Inst
If you want true-blue computer programming training, you have to go to the authority. The ITT Tech Inst is a special educational institution that focuses on information technology courses. The schools offers both Bachelor’s and Associate’s degree.

6. Tech Skills
If you want hands-on computer programming and information technology courses, you should go to Tech Skills. They are offering different programs related to computers and technology. Their programs include training and certification for Oracle, Microsoft, A+, Cisco, and a whole lot more.

7. Unitek
Unitek is the premier provider of certificate courses for both CISCO and Microsoft. They are also offering training courses for these two. They can provide assessment testing for anybody situated across the country. They have prepared a skills test online for aspiring students who would want to join their boot camp.

8. Kaplan University
Kaplan University is an online school that offers classes around the clock. This is one of the best schools offering programming courses for both teens and adults. Their curriculum is focused on the individualized career path of their students.

These are the eight different computer programming training centers you can check out. Look for the school that is equipped to improve your skills and abilities the most. This way, you can make your future look a lot brighter.

Get More Out Of Your TV With Dish Network Programming

Get More Out Of Your TV With Dish Network Programming

Dish TV realizes just how important television is to you- for the latest news, sports, entertainment and educational programming. Because of this, Dishetwork tries hard to bring you the most programming choices and find ways to make watching television more convenient and relaxing. With over 800 channels of quality programming, incredible values and cutting-edge technology, Dish TV is sure to increase your television viewing enjoyment tremendously.

With each new technology, television viewing tends to become a little easier and a little more fun. Dish Network’s innovations prove this point. Not only do its fully digital transmissions allow you to experience the clearest, most life-like pictures, but they also clean up any interference before it reaches the screen. Plus, Dish Network’s system is so reliable that it experiences less than a fifth the outages you might expect with cable TV. And, every Dishnetwork receiver come with great features like an electronic program guide, favorites lists, bookmarks, interactive television and themes lists. For parents of young children, parental controls limit what stations children can watch.

If you love the ease new technology can bring to your life and find that you are out of the house during many of the programs you want to watch, you will want to get a receiver with a Digital Video Recorder (DVR). This device is integrated with the program guide to make it simple to correctly record a program. It also lets you store up to 200 hours of programming on the hard drive, eliminating the need for videocassettes. For the ultimate convenience, the DVR even lets you pause and replay all your live television so you never have to worry about interruptions again.

Because Dish TV ‘s system uses satellite instead of land-based cables to transmit programming, it is very portable and accessible to most people. For people who cannot get cable, such as people in rural areas, RV and boat owners, and people in some apartment buildings, satellite television ensures that you can still access the best television programming. Plus, everyone can benefit by how easy it is to transfer your satellite system to a new house when you move.

Dish Network’s technology just accents the incredible array of programming it offers. With package selections that range from 40 channels to over 200, you can always find the perfect level of programming for your family. The America’s Top 60, America’s Top 120 and America’s Top 180 are the perfect choices for families looking for great quality standard-definition entertainment. With the America’s Everything Pak, you can watch movies from four premium movie packages along with the Top 180 channels. If you need programming in a foreign language, DishTV has many options to meet your needs. There are over 30 Spanish-language channels, and 19 other types of foreign programming packages. Plus, Dishnetwork has the largest selection of HDTV programming currently available. With a selection of up to 29 HD channels packaged along with the best standard-definition channels, you will have plenty of great entertainment to enjoy in HDTV format. And, extras like Dish on Demand, special sports programming, A La Carte channels and movie packages are always available.

DishTV offers the best service and programming, regardless of your needs and tastes. When you subscribe to a Dish Network packages, you can feel secure that your television provider is offering you the best service you can get.